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Counter-Strike: Source LJ Community

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we are best [12 Oct 2009|10:14am]

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[30 Jun 2009|01:14pm]

if this community is dead, is there another for source players?
specifically source surfers?

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Total Punishment Gaming Clan Site [18 Jul 2008|08:35pm]

[ mood | busy ]

If you play Counter-Strike: Source, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and/or Team Fortress 2, then check out my Clan, Total Punishment Gaming ]TPG[.

We are recruiting players for all three games (members do not need to own all three - they can have one, two or all if they choose to) or if you don't wish to join at all, our servers are still open to the public and anyone is welcome to join up and play. Our servers' information is on our site along with some info about us and what we're all about.

We're looking for active members who will support our servers by helping keep them full, so if you are interested in joining, just remember that the more we see you in our servers, our Ventrilo and our forums, the better it is for you. We want to get to know people before they become members (we like having quality players we can get along with and have fun with over having tons of strangers in our Clan), so the quicker the Clan gets to know you, the faster you make it in.

If you're interested in learning more or have questions, feel free to contact me. :)

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New! =D [26 Apr 2008|05:06pm]

[ mood | refreshed ]

So, I'm new. Literally just made journal 10 minutes ago. Figured I'd join communities right off the start. Anyway, I play CS:S like crazy, but I still suck! =D Only good with AWP...heh. Well, that's about it. I live in Michigan, can't play for beans and still love it!

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[14 Nov 2007|02:50pm]

I am so excited that I decided to look up CS groups and I found a couple of them! Awesome. So this is my little introduction, my name is Jax I am 21 years old. I am a clan member and admin of Full Metal Klip (the only girl ;D) Just wanted to say hello and give you a little bio. Feel free to add me!
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Steam Gadget [20 Jul 2007|03:30am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

HI all.
I'm pleasure to announce a new gadget for vista sidebar.
It is created specially for Steam gamers.
You can find it in Live Gallery here.

If you have Valve Steam installed you can use this gadget to have nice server browser on your desktop!
Here is a screenshot of the gadget in action.

Current features of the gadget:

  • auto filling servers list from your steam favorites servers;

  • supports new and old servers (hl, cs, cs:s, hl2, DOD ....);

  • for some hl2, cs, cs:s maps there are map preview pics;

  • real-time players list update;

  • some hotkeys to run steam server browser, friends list and launch game.

here is already some announce;
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[23 Mar 2006|12:10am]

Hi all, I am currently the cofounder of [PeePs] clan, which has recently started, and we need new, fresh members that are basically CS maniacs that play alot and have impressive individual skills.

We are running our own private server but within two days it will become a 12-man public server. Please visit us, or comment here if you are interested in joining the clan.

The ip is, however you will need to ask me for the password on aim (nikankwon) or gmail (nikankwon@gmail.com) or comment here.

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Attention All Gamers! [22 Mar 2006|06:02pm]

Big Shot Gamming is hosting a LAN Party at CMU!

It will be held Friday, April 14 2006 @ 04:00 PM EDT - Saturday, April 15 2006 @ 12:00 PM EDT.

It will be located on the CMU Campus at CMU's Finch Field House, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858.

We will have tournaments, food, prizes, all of that fantastic stuff!

Sign up for the Good Friday LAN and pre-pay now with PayPal! Prepay is $12.

The website to register at is http://www.bigshotgaming.com/. The sign up is on the main page on the right-hand side.

Thank you!
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Undetectable 1.6 Hack for Cs, CZ, DOD, etc! [09 Oct 2005|08:07pm]

They just released a new 1.6 hack that is totally UNDETECTABLE! If that Vac-Disabler fails at start-up, the hack automatically kills itself so you can't be detected! Includes aimbot, wallhack, etc!

I just tried it and wow. Really fast aimbot. Its smoothe too, not shakey, so people won't catch you easily.

You can get it over at http://msxsecurity.com/csh/index.php?referid=3812
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Vac 2 Proof Hacks! [23 Sep 2005|01:41am]

If you're looking for Vac2 Proof hacks for CSS or 1.6 too, check them out at:

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